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Startup Acceleration On Demand

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How to Get the First 100 Users/Clients for Your Startup

In order to get one’s first 100 users, you will be utilizing a social selling methodology that acknowledges the entire funnel from top to bottom: Build the platform MVP Build the Funnel (FB & LI page, FB & LI group, avatar profile) Join synergistic FB & LI groups Comment on posts and friend people with […]

Additional Processes: Product Market Fit Test

Why Product/Market Fit Test?   Product/market fit as a process Throughout the entire funnel Platform Establishing durable conversion rates   I. Product/Market Fit test process   Funnel Platform Word of Mouth   II. Funnel   Funnel testing Value proposition Conversion rates (durable)   III. Platform   Traffic to users conversion rates Users to paying users […]

Additional Processes: Domain Authority Process

Why Domain Authority?   Domain authority is scored on a scale of 1 to 100 (1 being the worst, 100 being the best) using an algorithm designed by Moz. Domain authority between 40 and 50 is considered average, between 50 and 60 is considered good and over 60 is considered excellent.   The key is […]

Additional Processes: Content Distribution

Why Content Distribution?   We are trying to increase our domain authority to get more free traffic from Google and other sources. We do so by taking our content and distributing it into different platforms. Social media is really just list building and content distribution platforms so use them as such.   I. Content Distribution […]

Additional Processes: Evergreen Content

I. Why Evergreen Content? Now that we know we have something of value for the consumer, we can now create the content that will make up the offer that we use for our list building. Content creation starts with analyzing the keywords that people are searching for. This is going to tell us the main […]

Startup Acceleration Step VII: Objectives, Traction & Metrics

I. Why Traction & Metrics? We use traction and metrics to reverse engineer from our desired end state from the Vision, Values & Virtues step. The metrics have a flow and order to them to coincide with where they are in the startup acceleration process. The main metrics we will be tracking are: 1. Platform […]

Startup Acceleration Step VI: Running the Funnel

When running the funnel we are going to be starting out with building a general crowd and then through time ramping up the cost per like to get more specifically interested crowd members.    The idea is to find an inexpensive crowd that is generally interested and then finding fit through time by getting more […]

Startup Acceleration Step V: Funnel & Crowd-Building

I. Why Building the Funnel? 1. Funnel Building Methodology Funnel building is marketing in the 21st century. It involves building a top, middle and bottom part of the funnel to drive traction and ultimately revenue. Many startups don’t realize that you need to build out the top of the funnel first in order to be […]

Startup Acceleration Step IV: Platform

I. Why Platform? The features that you need in your MVP are most likely already built in a WordPress plugin. Don’t waste thousands of dollars and weeks and months on your MVP. It allows you to test assumptions and find product market fit with your solution. The platform should be built using lean principles. One […]

Startup Acceleration Step III: Market Model

I. Why market model? Based upon the nature of the startup, that is going to determine the market model necessary to get to $100M in annual revenue and a $1bn valuation. The market method is going to determine the primary method for acquiring users and customers. II. Market model process 1. Market Model Math 2. […]

Startup Acceleration Step II: Vision, Values & Virtues

I. Why Vision, Values & Virtues? What will the organization look like when it is at $100M in revenue? The key here is to understand exactly what you are building and work backwards from the desired end state to tangible actions today (virtues). We determine exactly what it is that we want which is called […]

Startup Acceleration Step I: Organization

I. Why Organization? The first key is organizing and foldering according to a taxonomy of what you will need to bring your startup forward. One cannot underestimate the importance of organization/foldering to structure your thinking and your process. Use Google docs to share with your team and create a parent folder for your portfolio or […]

The Startup Acceleration Process

There is a definite startup acceleration process that leads to traction in the form of traffic, users, and ultimately revenue. This process is known as the Startup Acceleration Process and it is employed by Unicorn Ventures in the Unicorn Ventures Startup Accelerator. The Business Concept Peter Drucker wrote that a business (or startup) only has […]

Accelerate Your Startup On Demand

Unicorn Ventures makes it easy for entrepreneurs to accelerate their startups in order to position themselves for angel or venture capital. Currently, most accelerators are dedicated to ideation and MVP development. This leaves entrepreneurs with a skill gap between themselves and what it actually takes to obtain angel or venture capital. By eliminating the skill […]


Startup Acceleration Process

Part I: The Value Concept
Vision, Values & Virtues
Market Model

Part II: Innovation
Using WordPress to get to MVP
Base CMS
Page Structure
User Structure & Rights
Product Structure & Configuration
Email Structure & Configuration
Security Structure & Configuration
Payment Structure & Configuration
Platform Architecture Summary

Part III: Marketing
Product Tree
Funnel Building
Running the Funnel
Minimum Viable Marketing Budget
Active Approach: How to Get Your First 100 Users
Passive Approach: Crowdbuilding, Timeline & Expectation Setting

Part IV: Additional Processes
Evergreen Content
Content Distribution
Domain Authority Process
Product/Market Fit Test
List Development & Customer Interviews
Customer Development

Part V: Objectives, Traction & Metrics
Objectives, Traction & Metrics

Part VI: Acceleration by Startup Type
Info Startup
Platform Startup

Hey there, my name is Michael Herlache MBA. I'm the founder of the Unicorn Ventures.

Unicorn Ventures makes it easy for entrepreneurs to accelerate their startups in order to position themselves for angel or venture capital. Currently, most accelerators are dedicated to ideation and MVP development. This leaves entrepreneurs with a skill gap between themselves and what it actually takes to obtain angel or venture capital. By eliminating the skill gap, Unicorn Ventures creates a place where entrepreneurs can validate their startups and gain traction..

It’s unique because the accelerator is entirely dedicated to building startup capabilities like MVP creation, copywriting, marketing deliverable creation, customer development rather than startup support skills that can be outsourced freelancers. It’s special because entrepreneurs gain the validation and traction that angel investors and venture capitalists use to make their investment decisions.

The big benefit is that it helps entrepreneurs define a path to validation and traction rather than simply spending time on low ROI activities. This helps them avoid approaching angel investors and venture capitalists before the startup is ready.