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Startup Acceleration Process, Lecture 1

Module 1: The Startup Acceleration Process

There is a definite startup acceleration process that leads to traction in the form of traffic, users, and ultimately revenue. This process is known as the Startup Acceleration Process and it is employed by Unicorn Ventures in the Unicorn Ventures Startup Accelerator.


The Business Concept

Peter Drucker wrote that a business (or startup) only has two real functions; innovation and marketing. This understanding helps us to form the business concept being the bringing of functionality to certain subsets of users (markets). Our methodology for accelerating startups acknowledges this reality.


As such, we have chunked the Startup Acceleration Process into five manageable parts. This parts are the following:


Part I: The Value Concept

Part II: Innovation

Part III: Marketing

Part IV: Additional Processes 

Part V: Traction & Metrics