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Part I: The Value Concept, Lecture 1

Module 2: Organization

Why Organization?
The first key is organizing and foldering
according to a taxonomy of what you will need
to bring your startup forward. One cannot
underestimate the importance of
organization/foldering to structure your
thinking and your process. Use Google docs
to share with your team and create a parent
folder for your portfolio or individual startup.
Within this folder, you will create subfolders
for each stage of the acceleration process
detailed below.

II. Organization process
1. Foldering
2. Subfoldering
3. Populating Folders in Order

III. Foldering

Within Google Drive, our foldering mirrors the
startup acceleration process
We have a folder for each step in the process
to ensure that we complete it

IV. Subfoldering
Within each folder there are various
subfolders that will also need to be completed
associated with each step in the startup
acceleration process

V. Populating folders in order
Once we have completed the foldering, we
can then proceed forward with the next steps
in the startup acceleration process which will
now include populating the folders with
various content and deliverables