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Part I: The Value Concept, Lecture 2

Module 3: Vision, Values & Virtues

Why Vision, Values & Virtues?
What will the organization look like when it is
at $100M in revenue? The key here is to
understand exactly what you are building and
work backwards from the desired end state to
tangible actions today (virtues). We determine
exactly what it is that we want which is called
the values and then determine which virtues
you will need to embody to get you there.
Vision, Values & Virtues drives our Market
Model ($100M math), which drives our
Platform Model (Customized functionality),
which drives our Sales Model (SS,
Transactional, Complex)

II. Vision, Values & Virtues process
1. Vision

2. Values
3. Virtues

III. Vision
The end state of what the company looks like
when it hits the value of the company that you
would like

IV. Values
$100M revenue company
$1bn TEV company

V. Virtues
How to get there
1. Functionality
2. Client list
3. Workforce size
4. Social media numbers