• Startup Accelerator in a Book PDF

    This book was created to detail the startup acceleration process that Unicorn Ventures uses to accelerate the next billion-dollar startups. The course outline that you find here matches the actual methodology that Unicorn Ventures utilizes.

    Unicorn Ventures is purposefully opening its methodology to the public in an attempt to drive the most innovation and value. The bottom line is we want more people ideating and starting companies. When this happens, we are doing our part to better the world and drive change to the positive.

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    The Startup Acceleration Process

    There is a definite startup acceleration process that leads to traction in the form of traffic, users, and ultimately revenue. This process is known as the Startup Acceleration Process and it is employed by Unicorn Ventures in the Unicorn Ventures Startup Accelerator.

    Defining Entrepreneurship & the Role of the Entrepreneur

    When I first approached entrepreneurship, I began reading as much about entrepreneurship as I could from textbooks and what I found was a complicated mess of responsibilities and an unclear definition of entrepreneurship as a whole. From here I sought to both define and simplify the process of entrepreneurship.

    Peter Drucker defines the two primary functions of business as innovation and marketing. When we apply this model to entrepreneurship we arrive at an understanding that the primary role of the entrepreneur if the following:

    Bringing functionality to markets.

    When we think of functionality we are speaking of a base level platform and then differentiating capabilities. When we speak of markets we are really talking about the building of and running of a funnel. This means that we get to the two F’s of entrepreneurship:

    1. Functionality
    2. Funnel